Noa Greek Restaurant

A journey in Mediterranean gastronomy in Mykonos Town

NOA combines culinary heritage and contemporary innovation to create haute cuisine. Rich Mediterranean flavours and appetising aromas come into their own with the finest farm-to-table ingredients – grown, reared or fished exclusively for our restaurant and meticulously selected by our executive chef.

NOA - Greek Restaurant on Mykonos Town

Panagiotis Tsoukatos

Our Executive Chef

Panagiotis learned to appreciate good home cooked food as a child from his mother and built his career as a chef on the philosophy that a recipe should never be so complex as to overpower great ingredients.

“I want you to be able to taste everything that went into my dish, to allow your senses to discover new combinations that transform familiar flavours just enough that they remain distinctive.”

NOA - Greek Restaurant in Mykonos Town

ancient Greece

Ancient Greek homes were built around an open courtyard and some still adopt this style.

modern times

Outdoor Greek tavernas traditionally combine sunshine and nature with prime locations at the centre of things in a village square or looking out over beautiful scenery from the top of a hillside, just like ours.

cycladic architecture

Whitewashed façades and colourful doors and shutters became trademarks of Cycladic island style.

family affair

Greek tavernas are intrinsically family affairs, with recipes and service handed down through generations. The concept of hiring help never really enters into the equation.

ritual of eating

A taverna meal is best enjoyed as a communal experience by a group of diners sharing a wide selection of dishes.


While a restaurant may merely be a place to eat, a taverna invariably combines great food with a good time, making a meal into a celebration of life’s simple pleasures that are not always that easy to find these days.

NOA - Greek Restaurant in Mykonos Town



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(from May to October)